Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jerrytt update: 34 weeks

This morning Matt and I went to both doctors. There really was not anything special about this other than Matt went with me. We got to see Jerrytt just hanging out. We could not see his face as he is "locked and loaded". He weighed 6lbs and the tech said he had more hair than she had seen in a long time. My question to that was "Is it red"? I guess we will just have to wait and see. Everything is progressing as it should and unless I go into labor he will be delivered via scheduled c-section at noon on May 11th.

Matt is pretty reserved about pregnancy. He was that way with Elliott too. He is a wonderful dad and loves his sons more than life itself. Just once I'd like to see him be "outwardly excited" during the pregnancy. He is so reserved it is hard to read his thoughts.

A special shout out to Poppy Peacock for watching Elliott while we were at the doctor. Elliott would have been at school but last night he had a tempature. I think he knew if he had a temp he could hang with Pops. I know he did not feel good but Poppy made him feel a little bit better.

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