Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jerrytt update: 34 weeks

This morning Matt and I went to both doctors. There really was not anything special about this other than Matt went with me. We got to see Jerrytt just hanging out. We could not see his face as he is "locked and loaded". He weighed 6lbs and the tech said he had more hair than she had seen in a long time. My question to that was "Is it red"? I guess we will just have to wait and see. Everything is progressing as it should and unless I go into labor he will be delivered via scheduled c-section at noon on May 11th.

Matt is pretty reserved about pregnancy. He was that way with Elliott too. He is a wonderful dad and loves his sons more than life itself. Just once I'd like to see him be "outwardly excited" during the pregnancy. He is so reserved it is hard to read his thoughts.

A special shout out to Poppy Peacock for watching Elliott while we were at the doctor. Elliott would have been at school but last night he had a tempature. I think he knew if he had a temp he could hang with Pops. I know he did not feel good but Poppy made him feel a little bit better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Date Night

Well here is the profile picture everyone has been asking about...Last Night we went to Flame with Hialry and Kevin. I can't remeber the last time Matt and I went out to dinner let alone with Hilary and Kevin without the boys.

A big shout out to Grammy and Poppy for watch the boys while we enjoyed a night out.

Our 5 Course Meal:
Appetizer: A crab cake, calamari and a portobello...3 dipping sauces-YUMMY!
Soup & Salad: American French Onion soup & Ceasar Salad...Delectable!
Entree: 6 oz Steak- Medium...you can only imagine.
Dessert: Funnel Cake Tree with Strawberries and 3 dipping sauces...:)

Spending time with Hilary and Kevin...Priceless!

We are blessed with alot of things. That we live so close to our family and on a nice spring evening can enjoy such a marvelous meal and company is truly a blessing we do not take for granted.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here is where Jerrytt is at...

This is a picture of Zachary and Elliott trying out the "3 Man Bob Scooter" (term coined by Elliott) as I registered at Babies R Us. Jerrytt is in the background. Yep, that giant bump is my son, Jerrytt. We can't wait to meet him. I am anxious for E & Z to meet him. I know Jerrytt will LOVE them!!!

I stole this from my friend, Ashley's Blog. She is due with a baby girl, Sienna, April 23.

How far along? Do we really know the answer to this? I am due May 18. I am scheduled for a c-section May 11. However, his measured estimated due date is May 2. I think we'll just wait and see.

Total weight gain/loss: 13 lbs total

Maternity clothes? Yes. Jerrytt is a big boy and sticks way out in front.

Stretch marks? Unfortunately, yes.

Sleep: Most nights I sleep pretty well for 4-6 hours. I feel rested. Matt would probably disagree with this.

Movement: Jerrytt has his movement moments. He is pretty calm. However when he is moving I think he is moving to another state.

Food cravings: I have gestational diabetes and I am eating according to the diabetic diet. I just want to be able to eat something bad for me. I drive by Andy's daily. I have only given in once...and I made Matt do it.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Still in. It really does not exist. Thank you Abbey for acknowledging this.

What I miss: being able to tie my shoes.

What I am looking forward to: being able to take care of my patients without calling out for lift help. My co-workers have all be wonderful to help but, it is getting very old.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So it has been awhile...

Alot of things have been happening around here but I have not had time to post. As my dad always says "Life is what happens when you are making plans."

On the morning of Elliott's 4th birthday we met for Breakfast with Vlad at Bass Pro. Vlad is the eagle from Dr.Seuss and Elliott believes he lives at Bass Pro. Vlad has been hiding for awhile due to some rennovations. However on a recent stop I noticed he was out again. Thank you BPS for bringing him back. So Elliott thinks he returned solely for his birthday. What a wonderful surprise!

After breakfast, we headed to Jump Mania to celebrate Elliott's birthday buddy, Samuel's Birthday. Sam was 6! Sam's mom, Becka and I have been friends since 5th grade. I love that our boys are such good friends. Elliott looks up to Sam alot!!!

Elliott's birthday suprise was his new room and bed. Matt has worked really hard on painting the room, cleaning the carpet and preparing to make the office E's bedroom. Elliott LOVES his big boy room. He can't wait til we get started on Jerrytt's!

Speaking of Jerrytt...he is growing along nicely. We have a c-section scheduled for May 11, 2010 at noon. I am not sure he'll stay in there that long but for now, that date will do. We have made the down payment on the furniture and picked out the bedding. See pictures below.

One of the biggest accomplishments is Elliott has stopped sucking his thumb! Oh dear, how he loved his thumb! Aunt Howie and Uncle Kevin promised E a special adventure if he would stop. After a few weeks with an invention called a thumb guard E got his adventure. He has the best Aunt,Uncle & Cousin Z EVER! Click Here to see Aunt Howie's Blog about their Adventure!

In our spare time, Matthew and I both have been taking two classes. Matthew should be done by the end of March with his two and I should be done right around the arrival of Jerrytt.

Well, that is about it for The Young's...hopefully I will be able to keep you all better caught up on our adventures.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elliott's 4th Birthday

Saturday, Janaury 16th we celebrated Elliott's 4th birthday with a Glow in the Dark, Bowling, Buzz Lightyear Party. Elliott had a BLAST!

Elliott was surrounded by 3 of his greatest friends: His best friend and cousin, Zachary; his birthday buddy, Sam; and his recently returned from Kentucky friend, Gabe. He also enjoyed Aunt Howie, Uncle Kevin, Grammy, Grandma Karen, Papa Marvin, Sam's parents: Becka and Scott, and Gabe's parents: Brad and Theresa. Poppy was working so we delivered a piece of cake to Walgreen's following the party.

Elliott would like to give a shout out to his buddies, Chase and Blake who were unable to attend because they were sick. Elliott wants to have a special play date with you to celebrate your friendship.

Elliott wanted a pink Buzz Lightyear cake. After numerous questions about a "pink" cake, I learned he want a strawberry cake. He made an excellent choice. It was delicious. Aunt Howie helped us with our cake by providing the contact of Stacy's Sweets. http://staceys-sweets.yolasite.com

Her cake and cookies were amazing. She was fairly priced. The only thing I suggest is double check she has the child's name spelled correctly. Our ELLIOTT is spelled with two TT's on the end. I was almost home before I, actually Elliott noticed it was missing a T. He was a good sport and it did not bother him at all.

Elliott and his friends were extremely well behaved. They all enjoyed bowling and the adults enjoyed the calamities of 4 little boys bowling. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run Pee

I hope to get more than one post done over the next week to get you caught up but I just had to share this new discovery with you. Runpee.com. For anyone with a small bladder or any pregnant mommy-to-be the movies are always a dilemma. When to pee or not to pee is the question... I came across runpee.com, they also have apps for your iphone or blackberry. It will tell you exactly when and how long you have to make that desperately needed run to the potty so you don't miss an important part. Who knew?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lub, Dub, Lub, Dub

Yesterday my mom went to the doctor with me. She heard her 3rd grandchild's heartbeart for the first time. Her heart skipped a beat. The baby is growing and doing well with a 155 heartrate.

December 18th at 7:30am we will have our ultrasound to discover if this baby is Cecilia Bloom Young or Jerrytt Bales Young. We really don't care...a healthy baby has been our prayer all along.